Outside Sculptures


"911 Sculpure"
Digital Domain Stadium
Stainless Steel, Steel

"Recycle Sculpture

“Recycle Sculpture” 
Backus Museum and Gallery Recycled Metal and Resin

"The Square and the Spheres"

"The Squares and the Spheres"
Collection of the artist

The Summer of our Discontent

” The Summer of Our Discontent”
Depot Drive -Ft. Pierce , Florida Stainless Steel ,Steel and Resin

Which Way Did They Go

"Which Way Did They Go?"
”Ft. Pierce – Front of Police Station
Aluminum and Resin

The Partnership

” The Partnership ”
St. Lucie Marine Center Concrete, Corten and Stainless Steel”

Prevailing Winds

Prevailing Winds”
Roundabout bottom of Citrus Bridge Concrete and Aluminum

Swimming Upstream

“Swimming Upstream”
Fort Lauderdale

Cadillac of the Sky

“Cadillac of the Sky”